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Amen Charity Organization was founded in 2017 G.C. As an indigenous non-government, non-profit humanitarian voluntary organization, to play its part in addressing some of the overwhelming numbers of orphans, abandoned and destitute children.

The Organization has been registered with the Organizations of civil society's proclamation No. 1113/2011. Amen has been implementing its program components in Addis Ababa, since March 2019 working in close collaboration and coordination with the concerned community members, government and non-governmental bodies.

To continue our contribution, Amen Child Care Center is in the process for the appraisal of our project proposal for the coming three years, 2020-2022, with a total budget of 6,187,752.00 ETB.

Amen Charitable Organization has been attempting to implement its long-term plan through the provision of facilities and different services, which are conducive to the overall physical, mental, psychological and social growth and development of children who are under difficult circumstances. The childcare center is and will also continue to contribute to maintain poverty reduction in the concerned areas.

One of the services being offered is an orphanage that provides shelter, clothing, food and medical care for up to fifty children per year.

Other offers include the supply of school fees and transportation services for the affected youth. These services will continue until the beneficiaries' complete their higher education.

Furthermore, Amen plans to provide training on different topics, as well as, the supply of seed money for the children's families and/or guardians.

Amen has also been keen in coming up with income generating schemes to further help empower the destitute women within the affected areas.

The beneficiaries' are the mothers of orphaned, abandoned and destitute children. Through training, and some start-up capital, twenty-five women were enabled to participate in this program to continue their sustainability.

Like many other developing countries, Ethiopia is facing a variety of social problems, one of which is related to disadvantaged children. The problems facing children who are orphans, abandoned and/or destitute in Ethiopia is not well understood, nor is it fully acknowledged by the public or private sectors.

Due to a general lack of understanding and acknowledgment of the problem, there is a serious lack of specific data concerning the scope the problem in Addis Ababa, as well as, in other big cities and rural areas of the country. Regarding their numbers, according to (MOH 2007), there were about "4.6 million orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) in the country, out of which 900,000 were affected with HIV virus (WHO report 2010)".

We welcome you to work with us to make sustainable changes. Thank you.

The Amen Team

Solomon Habte

Founder, D/Gen. Director

Surafel Womdemu

Founder, General Director

Sisay Teshome

Founder, Senior Accountant

Hirut Wendemu

Founder, Head Social Worker

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